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4 Animals You May See On Your Trip to Jerusalem

Silhouette of a man leading 4 camels on a desert ridge in Israel

If you’re planning a trip to the Holy Land to experience the beautiful and historical land of Jesus, there will be many exciting sites to visit during your time in Jerusalem. At Christian Holy Land Travel, we’ve been providing Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land for nearly 20 years. While you’re visiting popular religious sites like the Dead Sea and Jericho on your tour, you may encounter some of Israel’s finest mammals. In this article, we will discuss some of the Holy Land’s popular animals, so you can keep a close eye out for them during your pilgrimage!


If you’re familiar with the stories in the Bible, you may remember camels being referred to as beasts of burden for desert nomads. Camels are unique in that they have thick protective coats that shield them from desert heat. They also have extremely long eyelashes that work to shade their eyes from the sun, as well as a split upper lip, which permits them to eat thorny desert plants. Camels are known to go for prolonged periods of time without water and they can lose up to one-third of their body weight in water when dehydrated!


The oryx, also known as aurochs, is an herbivore most known for its two long, pointed horns. A member of the antelope family, the oryx tend to live in large herds and roam the desert in search of food and water. If you’re interested in seeing this unique mammal up close during your Christian pilgrimage, they can be found at the Hai Bar Nature Reserve in Southern Arabah.


Like camels and many other desert animals, the donkey can tolerate significant water loss in the desert. A common beast of burden throughout the Bible, the female donkey would often be ridden or milked while male donkeys were used to plow fields and trample seeds. Donkeys were a popular mammal during the time of Jesus, as they were used to help carry heavy cargo and assist in a variety of agricultural tasks.


The ibex, also known as the rock goat or wild goat, is a large species of goat that feeds on green shrubs. They often make their homes near water sources as they are extremely dependent on water for survival. The rolling cliffs of Jerusalem provide ample safety for ibexes, as their strong legs and grooved hooves allow them to climb rocks with ease.

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